What is this???

Basically this is a place to plan group events and meetings and stuff. I've only put some initial info up to play with the idea. If you think this is a good idea, let me know through a comment on one of the posts. Thanks!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Smell, Touch, Taste

This is one where you get the crowd. Pick three kids and send them out of the room. Your last kid is a plant. Bring them in one at a time blindfold them and ask them to figure out what the three objects are (a dirty sock, an onion and a live mouse). They have the choice to “taste it, touch it, or smell it” to figure it out. Your first two kids will usually stay safe and say smell or touch, when you bring out the mouse show it well to the first kid, and then cup it in your hands with just the nose out for the second kid. The third kid is your wild kid, a plant on this skit. Get the crowd to start chanting “taste it” each time and he/she chooses taste it. They lick the sock, bite the onion, and then the third time when you reach in the box for the mouse have marshmallows with a fake blood capsule (any costume store) inside with a licorice tail. Cup the “fake mouse” in your hands and move quickly to shove it in his/her mouth. They chew it up, let a little blood drool down and when the crowd quiets, he/she says (as if it’s no big deal…) “a mouse?”

Spell My Feet

Take five people and have them take off their shoes and socks. Take a marker and write a large letter on the bottom of each of their feet so if they sit facing you and hold their feet in the air, you can read the letters. On the first person put an A and a N (one letter on each foot), on the next an E and a T, then GR, OM, and SP. You will call out different words for them to spell and they have to cross legs, stretch, and situate themselves in a position so that the bottoms of their feet spell the word you called. You can do this with two teams of five if you want and see who spells the word first. Use these words: master, roast, smear, togas, snore, ten proms, get Spam, great son.

Seven Layer Burrito

When kids come into club they receive a paper telling them what part of the burrito they are. Explain the order. (Meat, Beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream) Everytime you yell ‘7 layer burrito’ they make one in a dog pile

Rubber Band on Nose

Place a rubber band around the head over the nose. Race to see who can get it off first using only their face.

Quarter in Funnel

Put a quarter on a to kids forehead and have then try to drop into a funnel stuck in their pants. Pour water down the funnel.

Low-Budget Karaoke

Tell the kids that it's Karaoke Night, and 3 lucky people will have a chance to show off their musical talent. Unfortunately, there were budget cuts from the home office in "Your area", and we couldn't afford any type of Karaoke machine. So instead, each "volunteer" will have to sing their song using a walkman instead. Have kids sing along to the music they are listening to. The other kids in club can't hear the music, only the wailing of each singer.

Hair Style Through Nylons

Select several guys with moderately long hair (but not more than 5 or 6 inches...) Select several girls to be the "stylists". Each boy pulls a nylon stocking over his head completely covering his hair but allowing his face to still show. The stylists then begin poking toothpicks through the nylon hose and pulling out tufts of hair. The most bizarre hairstyle wins the contest! I've had several guys wear their new hairstyle all night long! What a hoot!